How can I get IMEI number?

Your phone's IMEI number can be obtained by dailing *#06# Alternatively, You can usually find the IMEI numberprinted on the inside of the battery compartment..

What to do when phone is lost?

Track it through tracking Apps, use your tracking apps or operating system's tracking facility

Block your sim card

The PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a 4-digit personal security code (the one you have to enter every time you switch your phone on). If thief make three failed attempts to enter your PIN, your SIM card will be automatically blocked.

Why Take Mobile Insurance?

Now a days mobile phones, especially the smartphones, phablets, laptops, iPads and the likes have become very costly. These devices have become very vital in our day to day lives. They always keep us in touch with one another. It is also obvious that the cases of theft or loss of these costly devices are on the increase every day.

How To Secure Your Mobile

Few simple steps to follow,when you loose your mobile.

Keep your mobile updated : Regularly check your mobile phones operating systems updates/patches/fixes, etc. If there is any update available then immediately update your phone. Apart from getting new features you will also get security from certain security issues in the phone.
Keep phone on automatic lock : This will prevent your phone from making random calls to random people just because it was in your pocket or purse and few buttons got pressed accidentally.
Rely on OS official app stores : always download apps from operating systems official app store. Downloading any app from a third party can have malicious code which might corrupt your operating system or hack important data.
Back up your data : Make it a practice to take a backup of your data periodically. Ensure that the duration between two backup is not more than 1 month as you might lose a whole months data. Our phones are prone to lot of attacks and viruses from every where. So ensure you take a back up regularly
No transactions from public network : never do any financial transaction from a mall, railway station, cafeteria, etc i.e places that have public network access. Such networks are mostly vulnerable to such attacks.
Install a security software : download Anti-virus, anti-theft, anti-malware and firewall software which are available on app stores of majority of operating systems. These will keep you updated and secured from attacks
Think before you click : There might be links to certain pages sent by your friends or relatives which you would want to click but chances are that they are being attacked by a certain spam and clicking them would make you also a victim of the spam. Always click and visit the usual popular links and if you find them doubtful then ensure it has "https" instead of just "http"
Write your IMEI number : We all know that IMEI number can help up block the phone when lost but we never care to write it somewhere as we believe that we can get it from the phone by dialing "*#06#". But we don't realize that when the phone is lost we wont have access to the IMEI number for blocking it. So its safe to write it some where. In this you can also take help of, where they maintain the database of gadget's UIDs (IMEI in case of mobile)along with lost/stolen/found mobiles/laptops/Tablets and set the status to "Using" and when ever you need details simply log in to your account and get details also in case of loss of gadget you can change the status to "lost" and tracking for your mobile will start immediately
Get mobile Insurance : The mobile insurance premium is as low as Rs. 15-20 per Rs.1,000 of the amount indemnified. For Example, if your declared value of the mobile phone is Rs. 10,000 the premium would be approximately Rs. 150-200. its worth spending this much in insurance to secure you expensive and loveable mobile